Here at Westcliff Hard, the coaches believe tennis should be a game for life – and we mean life! There should be no escape from a game this good. We offer super-duper coaching at super-duper prices and will do our utmost to develop your game in record time. Whatever your age, ability, or walk of life, we want to coach you. We are inclusive with a capital ‘I’ and welcome all. If you want lessons from coaches who care, from coaches who are a tad better and a bit different from the rest, look no further.

Graham Broadley

We like to make sure everyone can access tennis lessons and never assume everyone is swimming in money. Some people pull up in SUV’s chucking money from the windows. Others pitch up on bicycles with barely two tennis balls to rub together. Most fall somewhere in-between. But however you are fixed, we have solutions.

For the bicycle types we can offer short 30 minute lessons, which are cheap and packed with learning. We also do 45-minute lessons.

Shared lessons can be great whether you are loaded or broke. You can learn with a friend and split the cost at the same time. Group lessons are the most cost effective of all. The main thing is don’t hesitate to drop us an email to see what we can offer. Tennis is a technical sport and most people benefit greatly from getting some basics under their belt. Good coaching can get you off to the best possible start.