Here at Westcliff Hard, the coaches believe tennis should be a game for life – and we mean life! There should be no escape from a game this good. We offer super-duper coaching at super-duper prices and will do our utmost to develop your game in record time. Whatever your age, ability, or walk of life, we want to coach you. We are inclusive with a capital ‘I’ and welcome all. If you want lessons from coaches who care, from coaches who are a tad better and a bit different from the rest, look no further.


Inclusive Coaching: We are mad about people. Coaching people from all walks of life is one of the most interesting parts of the job. Whether you are an elite player or a complete beginner or suffer from a disability, you are all equal to us. And, remember, like me, Tim Henman believes that tennis is a game for life and he backs me up wherever he goes. See here.

Community: We believe ‘community and team spirit’ should be at the heart of both a tennis club and its coaching team. Our coaching programmes are full of people working and pulling together towards a common goal: tennis. On our programmes, you will meet friends and compatible folk to laugh and have fun with.

Keen Pricing: Some people pull up in SUV’s chucking money from the windows while others turn up on bicycles with barely two tennis balls to rub together. Our coaching is keenly priced and we have solutions for everyone no matter what your budget. Promise.

Coaching Skills: Like our mission statement says: ”we will do our utmost to get your game up and running in record time”. We have also coached some of the finest players in Essex and even developed numerous juniors up to national level. You’re in good hands!

Graham Broadley