Mini tennis is the best thing that ever happened to children’s tennis. It’s genius! Mini tennis is a scaled version of the adult game and makes tennis accessible and achievable to thousands of children across the country and worldwide. Our programme caters for children from as young as 4½ years old.

Mini Tennis has three stages of progression:


Mini red is the first stage of progression involving children aged 4½ to 8. The children play on vastly scaled down courts proportionate to their size. The small rackets (size 21) and slow-moving red balls make tennis for young children a cinch. Sit back and watch your child play tennis with ease! Mini red is great fun and where the game starts.

Our mini red classes are that little bit special because they are carried out on purpose-built mini red courts. We are one of only a handful of clubs in Essex to have invested in purpose-built mini red courts.


Mini Orange is the next stage of progression aimed at children between 8 and 9 years old. A scaled down court is marked out using throw-down lines and the net is set to 80cm in height. The rackets (size 23 or 25) are light and easy to use. The orange ball is slow moving with a low bounce perfect for this age group. Watch your child play and have fun from the court side in the summer, or from our cosy pavilion in the winter.


Mini Green is the final phase of progression aimed at children from 10 to 11 years old. Now the children play on a full sized court but using mini green balls which are low-bouncing and 25% slower than traditional yellows balls. The rackets (size 26) used in mini green are ultra light a little shorter than adult-sized rackets.

Modern equipment has transformed the game for young children across all the mini tennis age groups.


We supply the balls and can even supply a racket to get your child started. If your child takes to tennis, then we recommend you buy them their own racket so they can play at home in the garden, or with you! The rackets range for 21 to 26 inches in length and are relatively cheap to buy.

We have no formal dress code in mini tennis so your child can wear general sports clothing and trainers when they attend lessons.

What Happens after Mini Tennis?

Once children have completed our mini tennis programme, they are then ready to play with the traditional yellow ball. By this time they will have developed the skills and confidence to play with aplomb! We have an extensive yellow ball programme for all the mini tennis children to progress into.


Periodically we run internal competitions for children who are playing a lot and developing well. Mini tennis competitions are also held locally and around the county. The competitions are short and sweet and usually over in a couple of hours.

How to Get Started?

You can enrol your child at any time. The best way to proceed is to book your child in for two taster sessions which you can pay for independently (£5 each) without having to sign up for a course. If your child enjoys their sessions, you can then enrol them for a block of 10 tennis lessons (cost £50). Membership of the club is mandatory but costs very little. We have a tiered pricing membership structure based on age. See here.

Parent of Child Membership

One of the best membership categories we have ever introduced is our ‘parent of child’ membership. A parent can join the club to play with their child for just £25 a year. The membership enables you to play with your child as much as you like for as long as you like. Both parents can join for just £35. Mindboggling!

Who to Contact? 

Use the club contact form on this website or text, phone, or email Graham, the head coach, on:

Mobile: 07948 726309

Email: [email protected]