What is a School Link?

Any local schools interested in forming a Club/School Link should contact:

Graham Broadley: 07948 726309  |  Email: coachgraham@zoho.com

kids infront of school

A ‘school link’ is a signed agreement between club and school. The criteria contained in a signed agreement can be as little or as much as a school or club wants. At its minimum, a school link is a way for schools to make children aware of our tennis club in the local community, either through the school newsletter or noticeboard, or both. Some schools seek to maximise their school link by having us to set up after school clubs where tuition is given and activities organised. We can usually provide this at a low cost. After school clubs can be held either at the school premises or at our facility. All our coaches are LTA qualified and hold DBS certificates.

A signed agreement is not binding in any way. It merely outlines a plan of action for both parties to stick to, and at the same time satisfies the LTA that a formal school link is in place. The agreement is renewed annually, assuming both parties have found it worthwhile.


Children who come through our doors from a school link are offered one month’s free membership to try out tennis at our club. Annual membership thereafter is mandatory but very cheap. One of the myths we are keen to dispel is that tennis an expensive sport – it isn’t. At amateur level tennis is remarkably cheap. Once children are members of the club, they can play as often as they like, for as long as they like, at no further cost.


So if you are a teacher or student from a school and would like to form a school link with our club, please contact Graham Broadley, our head coach, on 07948 726309 or by email: coachgraham@zoho.com There is nothing to lose by forming a school link, just much to be gained. A school link provides an avenue for schools to channel budding athletes down, an avenue that is healthy and safe from harm.

Feel free download a copy of our School Link Agreement form if you would like to forge a partnership with our Club.