Join Westcliff Hard Tennis Club! The pop-up tables below illustrate all the membership categories we offer. We have seven top-quality floodlit courts. Most clubs charge an expensive hourly rate for floodlight use – our floodlights are FREE.

We have a tiered pricing structure for junior memberships because older children can utilise the club more than younger ones. We always try to pitch membership prices as keenly as possible to offer the best value. You can enrol at any time of the year.


We offer a trial membership for both adult beginners and former experienced players returning to tennis through our Rusty Rackets & Newbies programme. It costs just £40 to enrol and includes full playing rights and coaching for six weeks.

Contact Graham Broadley, our head coach at -:


Hazel Miller: Tel: 01702 558700 or Email:

Joining Westcliff Hardcourt Tennis Club is simple. Just download and complete the form below. Membership is pro rata so contact the membership secretary for an accurate price to join calculated from whichever month you sign up. Become a member today!