Coaches Privacy Policy

This document illustrates how the coaches at Westcliff Hardcourt Tennis Club collect and use your data in their day to day business of tennis coaching.

How we collect you information?
Most information we collect is given to us by yourself when you phone, email or text to book a lesson. Sometimes a friend or relative may pass on your data to us if they purchase a coaching gift voucher for you.

The types of data we collect?
Typically, we collect your landline number, mobile number and email address. In the case of junior players, we collect date of births for age-grouping purposes. We collect any health or medical details you are willing to volunteer. All the coaches are trained in first aid, and having knowledge of known medical conditions can be helpful in an accident or emergency situation. Examples, of health issues you might volunteer would be asthma, allergies, epilepsy, etc. We have access to full address details, if required, via the Club’s database run by the membership secretary. The Club has its own privacy policy which complies with GDPR.

How do we use your data?
We use you data to contact you to: arrange coaching lessons, communicate or write to you, and issue reminders about unpaid fees.

How we use third parties.
To reach a wide number of members quickly we use Mailchimp (Privacy Policy), an online bulk email platform. We also use Voodoo (Privacy Policy), an online bulk text messaging service. We use these services to inform you about tennis camps and tennis activities taking place at the club. Both companies are market leaders and GDPR compliant with strict privacy policies of their own.

Sharing your information with others.
We will never share or sell your data with others and will never transfer your data to third parties. With your approval we may pass on your mobile number or email address to another club member for the purpose of arranging a game.

How long do we hold your information
We hold you data for as long as you are a member of the Club or are taking part in one of our coaching programmes. All the coaches are self-employed and must, by law, retain bookkeeping records for a peri- od of six years. The details retained for bookkeeping are your full name, the fee you paid, and the method of payment. All other contact data will be deleted 3 months after you are no longer a member of the club or participating in a coaching programme.

Making a complaint.
You can query or make a complaint about our privacy methods at any time by contacting: Graham Broadley (The Head Coach) on 07948 726309 or by email